Required text and tentative schedule


Labs will begin meeting on September 3rd, please refer to the following tentative schedule for more information:

Fall 2013 Tentative Laboratory Schedule

In addition the following laboratory text is required for the course:

López-Ojeda, W. (2013). Integrated Human Physiology Laboratory Manual. Hayden McNeil. 1st ed.  ISBN:  978-7380-6450-5



Midterm Exam Review Outline

Here is a review outline to help you study for your midterm exam. Please note this does NOT include all the information on the exam, but is intended to provide with rough outline of all possible material that could show up on the midterm exam.

Fall 2013 MIDTERM Review Outline


Also, the following corrections need to made to the material covered in the textbook:

Chapter 3:

  • Flexors – decrease the angle of the joint.
  • Extensors – increase the angle of the joint.


Chapter 4:

Layers of the epidermis starting from the outermost layer –> innermost layer:

  • stratum corneum
  • stratum lucidum
  • stratum granulosum
  • stratum spinosum
  • stratum basale

Melanocytes are found mainly in the stratum basale. ***Although, occasionally they can be found in the stratum spinosum.

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