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Final Grades

Please be advised, Friday December 6th @ 3pm will be the last day to make any required grade corrections for the lab portion of your grade. You must provide a hardcopy documentation of grades that need to be changed.


Final Exam Grades and Final Review

As you may have noticed, your Lab Final Exam grades have been posted. There was a curved applied to exam and the grade you see includes your score with the appropriate curved applied. We took your original raw score and divided it out of 96, this means that we “omitted” four non-specific questions. To clarify, there were NOT any specific questions that needed to be omitted due to error, bad questions, etc. however, as stated before, we decided to eliminate four non-specific questions to arrive at your curve.

Please be advised, we will be holding a special session of office hours for students to review their final exams and correct any grade errors before final grades are submitted. This sessions will be held in the physiology lab (HPAII-205) on Monday, November 25th from 8am-2pm. Note, this will be the ONLY session held, so please plan accordingly.

-Lab Staff

Final Exam Review Outline

Here is a review outline to help you study for your final exam. Please note this does NOT include all the information on the exam, but is intended to provide with rough outline of all possible material that could show up on the final exam. Also, please be advised that you will need to wear closed-toe shoes and a labcoat during the Final exam. Students who fail to comply will NOT be allowed into the lab to take the final exam.


Fall 2013 Final Exam Review Outline

Office Hours


We will be holding a special session of office hours for you to come pick up your lab modules and answer any questions you may have about the material before the midterm exam. Office hours will be held from 3pm-5pm in the physiology lab.

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